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Roman Rulers and Their Families Essay

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The website provides an in-depth study of the Roman Empire focusing primarily on the different rulers of the empire throughout its history. There is an index with all the roman rulers with their biographical write-up. There is also a family tree that links significant people in the Roman Empire throughout its history. There are also other resources such as maps, write-ups of the different battles of the Roman Empire and various links pertaining to Roman coinage and other things. All of these are under the main website www.roman-emperors.org/ with the external links under the other web sites.

It is hard to tell who exactly wrote the website since it is a collaboration of various essays, articles and contributions. However, it seems that they are affiliated with the Salve Regina University. There is a note at the bottom of the main page stating that the Academic Computer Services of the said university plays a main contributing part to the making of the website. There is also a link to a certain Richard D. Weigel who is in charge of all inquiries and suggestions.

However, there is no description on who Richard D. Weigel is. It may be assumed that he is part of the university, perhaps a professor in the same field as the website. However, nothing is for certain and the readers of the website are left pondering whether he is a qualified source of information. The website has an extension “.org” suggesting that the website is an organization-based site. Even though there are some indications that this is affiliated with a university, nothing is for certain since there is no .edu extension in any of the internal web pages of the site.

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The website is a collection of peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the Roman Empire. As such, there is a large number of information but is not too in-depth as needed by scholars. Therefore, the audience has to be people who are interested in the said topic with the capacity to learn and absorb a large amount of information. The organization of the site and the amount of information is suitable for university students and to some extent novice historians as well as those entering colleges and universities. In general, people who are doing research about Roman Emperors will benefit much from this site.

The site links externally to a lot of sources. Internally, they also cite a few contributors. This is the case with Prof. Robert W. Cape, Jr. (Austin College) who is in charge of the section of Roman Coins. There is also a note that some of the line drawings of Roman coins are from H. Cohen. The site http://www.thepaolas.com/Emperors/emperors.html is also the source of photographs of Roman coins before 476AD. An important part of the site is its articles and essays. These are also credited to the authors of the page which differs from article to article. The usual contributors are from universities.

For the most part, the website seems to be very objective in its articles. Likewise, there is no noticeable grammatical error. Although I have not checked all the articles, those I have seen do not seem to have any errors in grammar and spelling. The fact that they are peer-reviewed before published which might explain the lack of bias and grammatical errors. The website is plain and simple. The majority of its content consists of words. Images such as maps or drawings are provided accordingly. The website is likewise organized simply. The main page has the major links to each section. Each section provides external links to other websites or internal links to submitted articles. In each article, there is a link for each keyword (person) that links to the article of that person. This also serves as an easy way to access pertinent information. This website creates a very accessible and informed site.

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