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Reaction Paper of Three Idiots Essay

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A consumer price index (CPI) measures changes in the price level of consumer goods and services purchased by households. The CPI in the United States is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as “a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for market of consumer goods and services.”

Captioned Media: Literacy Support for Diverse Learners

By: National Center for Technology Innovation and Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd) (2010) Captioned or subtitled media is a great tool for teachers looking to differentiate classroom instruction — research has shown that ELLs, students with learning disabilities, and students who struggle academically may all benefit from following along with captions while watching a classroom video. Learn more about the benefits of captioned media and additional resources for captioned material in this article. Assistive Technology 101

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By: Family Center on Technology and Disability (2010)

Assistive technology is any kind of technology that can be used to enhance the functional independence of a person with a disability. Learn more about Assistive Technology and ways your students might benefit from it. Assistive Technology and the IEP

By: Family Center on Technology and Disability (2010)
Assistive Technology Glossary
By: Family Center on Technology and Disability (2010)

It is important for parents to understand the “language” of assistive technology so they can be informed advocates for their child’s technology needs. The following glossary of terms can help parents learn about the kinds of assistive technologies that are currently available and how they can be used. Digital Storytelling: Extending the Potential for Struggling Writers By: Ruth Sylvester and Wendy-lou Greenidge (2009)

While some young writers may struggle with traditional literacy, tapping into new literacies like digital storytelling may boost motivation and scaffold understanding of traditional literacies. Three types of struggling writers are introduced followed by descriptions of ways digital storytelling can support their development.

Being a student in Education Major in Social Science, the Field Study is part of our life. Every time that I entered in my Cooperating School I really feel the happiness and excitement to myself because I know that Field Study is another step to become a professional Teacher. During my first day in Manila High School (MHS) I met Mrs. Magalong the OIC, Mrs. Melania Vitan the Department Head of Social Science and Of course the different teachers in Social Science. All of them are Good, Humble, Approachable and Hospitable persons. I met also Mr.Luisito Paltoub, my Critic Teacher, at first I feel shy because it is the first time that I saw him and I feel uncomfortable too but later on I saw that he is a kind person and he gave his schedule and the sections that he handle for Monday and Thursday.

In November 20.2012 is my first observation inside the room and I encountered and socialize with different students with different characteristics and I enjoyed being observer because I adopt and learned a lot of Teaching Strategies and I saw how hard to handle the students in lowest section because each of them has their own monkey business and did not participate in the discussion but the teacher didn’t give up, Mr.Paltoub and his Student Teacher try their best to give them the best Education because the teachers ‘ responsibility is to further develop the learners knowledge,skills,talents and attitude to face different situations in life. The teacher became effective if he is enables all learners to relate the different school experiences to their lives and that is the strategies of Mr.Paltoub and I admire him because of his strategies.

Manila High School, also conduct an activities like Foundation Day, Program and Demonstration that can help the learners to become more sociable and to become knowledgeable. The best thing that I cannot forget in MHS is my observation in Division Demo of Mrs.Obias because it is very interesting and meaningful demonstration that I’ve ever seen. In my staying here in Manila High School I feel the fulfillment and satisfaction in myself because I have a lot of good experience in my observation in my Cooperating School.

In terms of Facilities, the Manila High School is lack of facilities like in the library not all books are available , the classroom is not well ventilated and the sound system are not all available but the Manager or the Principal supervise the school facilities and she procure equipment and materials needed for effective learning. The Principal also plan for the improvement of school facilities and physical plants. I can say that the Manila High School is my ideal school for my Practice Teaching in the future.

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