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History Notes

How did Russia’s withdrawal affect the German war effort?
The withdrawal enabled Germany to focus its efforts on the Western Front.

Which best describes what Einstein’s theories tried to explain?
how the physical world functions

Why did Singapore secede from Malaysia?
Its primarily Chinese population was facing threats and conflict from the Malay majority of the country.

Which is an example of a sphere of influence?
A nation is politically independent, but an imperial power controls its trade.

Which is the best definition of a command economy?
an economy managed by the government

Chiang Kai-shek became leader of China’s Party after the Warlord Period.

Emperor Guangxu instituted sweeping reforms to modernize the government and the economy, and as a result
Empress Cixi had him arrested.

Deng Xiaoping felt that the first step to modernizing China’s economy involved
restoring the education system.

To drive out foreign influences, the main thing the Boxers did was to
kill foreigners, missionaries, and Chinese Christians.

What were some of the natural resources that attracted Europeans to Africa in the 1800s? Check all that apply.
land for farming
gold and diamonds
rubber and palm oil

What is a coalition?
a group formed for a common purpose

A conscription program requires civilians to enroll for service in a nation’s
armed forces.

How did airplane use change as World War I progressed?
Airplanes became involved in active battle.

How did the posting of the “twelve theses” by students reflect Nazi policy?
by supporting only German professors

In addition to Spain and the United States, which nation controlled the Philippines for a time?

Israel launched a preemptive strike during which conflict?
the Six-Day War of 1967

Read the excerpt from Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.

The road was crowded and there were screens of corn-stalk and straw matting on both sides and matting over the top so that it was like the entrance at a circus or a native village.

Keeping in mind Hemingway’s iceberg principle, what feeling is he trying to convey by describing the scene as an “entrance to a circus or a native village”?

a feeling of unease as the narrator is driving into a peculiar and alien location

When Germany experienced inflation, prices for goods

Which statement best describes Frederik W. de Klerk?
He was the president of South Africa in 1990 and pushed reforms that ended apartheid.

What of the following characterized Ghana after 1992?
advances in education and human services

Why did the United States withdraw its support for the Aswan Dam?
Egypt had refused to join an American-led alliance in the Middle East..

During the Cold War, the United States supported anti-communist dictators who committed human rights abuses and opposed democratic freedoms. What does this indicate about the actual goal of the United States?
The actual U.S. goal was to undermine Soviet influence.

Which statement best describes the overall effects of new technology, such as poison gas and improved artillery, during World War I?
New technology contributed to the stalemate on the western front.

Read the excerpt from Elie Wiesel’s All Rivers Run to the Sea.

It is unbelievable how fast people adapt. It hurts to admit it, but within hours of first breathing the cattle car’s nauseating air, we began to feel at home. ‘Home’ was the edge of the wooden plank I sat on as I dreamed of the Jewish exiles of antiquity and the Middle Ages. More curious than afraid, I thought of myself as their brother. Mixed into my sadness there was undeniable excitement, for we were living a historic event, a historic adventure.

Which best describes the author at this point in his life?

He is too young and naive to truly understand what is happening.

The most important goal of the Schuman Plan was to
attain stability and peace in Europe.

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