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Alcoholism Essay Examples

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Alcoholism Feature Article

Introduction (Opening facts): Alcohol is the most dangerous drug in Australia, beating crack and heroin into second and third place in the ranking, according to recent studies. The current research used data from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that almost 60% of 18-24 year old current drinkers, who failed to…

Alcohol – Underage Drinking

Did you know that approximately one teenager between the ages of 14 and 17 die each week as a result of underage drinking? If that’s not alarming, research is saying that teenagers who frequently binge drink, are more likely to use drugs like cocaine and have sex with six or more partners and receive very…

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking usually refers to drinking lots of alcohol in a short space of time or drinking with the intention to get drunk. Researchers define binge drinking as consuming eight or more units in a single session for men and six or more for women. Due to the long-term effects of alcohol misuse, binge drinking…



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The Abuse of Alcohol

A large part of the population in the United States abuse or used to abuse alcohol. The health and social problems are enormous, leading to an increase in unemployment, homelessness and even death. Alcoholism can cause a lonely and poor life style. Many people use certain excuses to drink such as; “it is just one…

The Effects of Alcohol in College Students

On college campuses across America, the use of alcohol has been an topic in need of explanation for many years. The concept will be explaned with emphise on the negative effects of hooch. Alcohol in cardio-sport athletes is especially harmful. But at any rate the negative concepts apply to all student. Besides the fact that…

Psychological Effects of Alcoholism

Alcohol is a well known substance that has been present ever since. It provides a variety of functions for different people from the earliest times until today. In the past, alcoholic beverages were served not only as thirst quencher; it also played a significant role in the aspect of religion (Watson). Alcohol connotes pleasure and…

Legal Drinking Age

People have always wanted what they cannot have. Starting in 1984, this is the attitude most lawmakers in America have taken with respect to underage drinking, since it was the time when many states changed their drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one. Lawmakers thought that if you raised the drinking age, people could drink more…

Alcoholic Anonymous

Recently, I attended an A.A. meeting, which stands for, alcoholic anonymous. The meeting I went to was located in Penfield, NY at 1601 Jackson Road, area code 14526. It was called the Yellow House. When I walked in, everyone was very welcoming and nice. Many people stared at me intensely as I entered the Yellow…

Young Drinkers

A lot of kids started drinking around 16 years old. As the years go by, drinking reaches younger and younger people. It’s unfortunate. The average age when youth first try alcohol is 11 years for boys and 13 years for girls. By age 14, 41 percent of children have had least one drink. The average…

Alcohol, Harmful or Beneficial?

Alcohol consumption is a very discussed topic because of its controversial ways and ideas people have of it. The number one reason it is worldwide discussed is because it is said to help people reduce the risk of coronary disease. It is said that a ¨pattern of regular consumption¨ at least three to four days…

Personal Ethical Dilemma on Alcoholism

Prior to Grade 11, whenever I heard the words ‘substance abuse’ my mind immediately pictured useless, pathetic and stupid people who were ruining their lives for no reason. My notion began to change slightly as I moved through my last schooling years but even with an ever-increasing academic workload I would never even consider any…


Alcoholism is an issue that affects a person as well as the society at large. Despite me not being an alcoholic, I have had friends and relatives who have had to deal with the issue. Alcoholism is a personal issue; however, it also affects the society in many ways. The society is directly and indirectly…

Changing the Minimun Legal Drinking Age in the United States

Over the past twenty years the minimum legal drinking age has been twenty-one in all US states, but that has not stopped citizens of the United Sates from attempting to lower the age. Following the end of prohibition in the United Sates during the Great Depression, all states agreed on a set of twenty-one to…

Binge Drinking

Currently, binge drinking has become a crucial issue in the UK, it causes many problems such as car accidents, underage drinking, health. Drinking alcohol is an acceptable activity in a positive way such as people celebrate their holiday or family day. However, it is not recommended binge drinking that means drink beverages over 8 units…

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

The topic that I have conducted research on involves underage alcohol consumption and various levels of academic achievement. More specifically, my goal is to conceptualize the increasing amounts of underage alcohol abuse by observing the affects effects that it has on individual’s GPA. Data obtained from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggests…

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