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Advantages of Internet Essay

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Science and technology play a very important role in our life. Most of our daily activities are greatly associated with science and technology. One of the contributions of science and technology to mankind is the invention of Internet. With this invention being so widely used, it has both advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I shall discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. The first advantage of the internet is that it provides us with leisure. This is because the Internet can provide us with various endless entertainment. For example, we can watch videos in YouTube which has millions of videos from comedy to romance and horror to suit our mood. Not only that, some television networks have their own websites. These enables us to catch up on movies or television programmes on television which we have missed. Radio channels such as Class95 and Perfect10 also have their own sites to listen to radio programmes for those who do not own a radio set.

There are also many sites that enable the users especially youths to watch anime or read manga online. This is good as this enables us to save money as the cost of a manga or anime DVD can be quite expensive. These different from of online entertainment will not only gives us leisure but also provide a medium in which we can relieve the daily stress from school and work. The second advantage of the internet is E-commerce which is growing rapidly and becoming more popular. Examples of e-commerce include online shopping and e-banking. Through online shopping, we can buy many things over the net which provides a range of products from all over the world with just a click of the mouse. Examples of famous online shopping sites are Yahoo!, Amazon and e-bay which sells various products from books and furniture to electronic devices and office supplies. Doing shopping online is indeed convenient as we do not need to travel to do our shopping. As a result, time is saved.

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